1. i need some cute things, stat. can someone send me cute things

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    how i art

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    Guts and Schierke’s relationship is one of my favorite things in all of Berserk.

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    Summer animation n°2 :

    "Les belles nuits d’Été" 

    The beautifull summer nights uUu   …..   firefly *U*

    Need to catch some insects to get rich and sing “If I was a rich boy, nananana !”

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    when the manga gets an anime and the anime gets a reboot and you get to watch your favorite character die three different times


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  6. rat cafe

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    Launching of a London Rat Cafe! - London Dungeon creates quirky cafe where customers can drink with rats in a bid to remodel their image.

    London Dungeon – an enclave of spooky corridors and shock-tactic exhibits which looks at the darker side of the history of the capital city – is celebrating the opening of its Rat Café, and with it, the chance for guests to enjoy a nice mug of ‘Ratuccino’ or a slice of ‘Black Forest Rateux’. 

    Health and safety officials will be relieved to hear that neither food nor drink at the Rat Café includes rats as genuine ingredients – but willing guests can, if they so choose, enjoy both while the little creatures dash about the room, or even sit on their shoulders.

    Although this unusual form of catering is largely for fun, there is also a mildly serious point to it – an attempt to rehabilitate the image of a much-maligned creature.

    ‘Rats have been tarnished with an undeserved reputation throughout history – from the Black Death of the Middle Ages to the great stink of Victorian times,’ says Hywel Mathias of London Dungeon. ‘We wanted to challenge those perceptions and show they are actually characterful and full of fun.’

    ‘Our café lets people get even closer, handle them, stroke them and really get to know them.’

    Although the Rat Café was a one-off for a group of rat-loving guests, London Dungeon is considering making the idea a regular event.

    ‘Judging by first reactions, this pop-up rat café could become a regular date on the eccentric things to do calendar,’ Mr Hywel says.

    I am going to go there!

    Where we should have lunch on a Vulture trip to London. 

    I want to goooo ;3;

    SO COOL. society has slightly redeemed itself

    I used to work at the London Dungeon and got to help look after the rats…we’d take them down into the queue and let people stroke them. They were all super tame and chill, and it was great to see people’s misconceptions of them changing.

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  8. What I love about Daddy Fatsax’s name is that he probably wants you to shorten his name to just straight up Daddy

  9. what i love about square is that they always finish maintenance earlier. only time balmung is ever a ghost town..

  10. dwayne johnson is just the coolest guy in the world



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